Hybrid Cloud Services

hybrid cloud services


Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Simple, Scalable and Reliable


Undecided between On-Premise and Cloud? Why not combine both!

Aidas offers a Hybrid Cloud Service that allows you to enjoy the agility and economic benefits of a public cloud with the on-premise control of a private cloud. All you need to do is define what you want to keep on-premise or move to Cloud. Then, simply toggle between your private and public clouds as and when your business requires it.



Hybrid Cloud Benefits


  • Integrated, optimized solutions for specific purposes
  • Highly scalable, flexible and future-proof
  • Open-source computing platform
  • Reduces overall cost of ownership
  • Improves cost efficiency
  • Improves mobile and offsite working
  • Allows access to documents and applications from anywhere
  • Rapid provisioning and deployment
  • Improved security



Hybrid Solutions For Every Workload



Whether your company is a single-product enterprise or a diversified, multi-offering organisation, we have the capability to provide professional consultation on Cloud systems that are customised to your specific requirements. We can offer solutions as standalone options or as part of a maintenance contract that help reduce your overall cost of ownership.





We believe one of the most important elements in a successful solution is the design of the cloud system. We have the experience in designing Hybrid Cloud Solutions for different levels of hybrid infrastructures. From complex enterprise applications, mission-critical deployments, e-commerce sites, high-traffic blogs, database-driven web apps, content management systems, and rich media streaming to systems with seasonal or unpredictable traffic and campaigns, all our systems may be used for storage and data retrieval, and may allow access by multiple users.




Deploy & Managed

Whatever design your cloud system may be, we have a team of Engineers who can help deploy your Hybrid Cloud and provide post-sales Management and Maintenance services to keep it running optimally.




Define and optimize your hybrid cloud infrastructure with us

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