Projects Reference

Projects Reference

Auditoriums & Theatres

An auditorium is a room built to enable an audience to hear and watch performances at venues such as community halls, and theatres, and may be used as a learning space. Hence a comprehensive audio system is required for an immersive experience.

Auditorium 01
Auditorium 02
Auditorium 03

Large Format Displays / Video-walls

Video-walls are employed in Network Operation Centre (NOC) control rooms, stadiums, and various big public venues. Video walls may also benefit smaller venues as patrons could view the screens both up near and at a distance.

Large Format 01.jpg
Large Format 02
Large Format 03.jpg

Meeting Room (Large)

Large meeting rooms usually uses a visual solution (projector with screen or displays) and an audio solution (speakers and microphones) to ensure all attendees of the meeting are able to see and hear the discussion comfortably.

Mtg Rm (Large) 01
Mtg Rm (Large) 02
Mtg Rm (Large) 03.jpg

Meeting Room (Small)

Basic meeting room installations usually consist of a projector and screen or a wall-mounted display unit for a clean and productive space for discussion and sharing of information.

Mtg Rm (Small) 01.jpg
Mtg Rm (Small) 02
Mtg Rm (Small) 03

Places of Worship

Modern places of worship makes use of various audio visual solutions (e.g. video-wall, digital signage) to provide the worshippers a directive and pleasant environment to relax.

Places of Worship 01
Places of Worship 02
Places of Worship 03

Public Area / Information Displays / Digital Signage

Information Displays / Digital Signages are an effective way of reaching out to either personnel within an organisation or out in public spaces. Multiple displays are connected to a unified network enabling instant information change and broadcasting. A background sound system is also a common feature in both indoor and outdoor public areas.

Public Area 01
Public Area 02
Public Area 03

Social Spaces / Townhall

Social spaces need to be conducive for informal discussion and even relaxing for a short time out by staffs of an organization. The space is also used to gather staffs for announcements. Hence audio visual equipment will be required to support the functionality of the space.

Social Space 01
Social Space 02
Social Space 03

Video Conference Room

Video conference solutions are highly deployed to reduce time and money spent on travelling for a cross-location or cross-border meeting. Live collaboration can be scaled from small meeting rooms to large auditoriums, enabling hosts (e.g. trainers/educators) to conduct a 2-way or even multiple-way communication.

Video Conference Room 01
Video Conference Room 02.jpg
Video Conference Room 03