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Solutions & Services

Understanding Clients' Needs Is Job #1


Charles Franklin Kettering, a renowned American inventor, once said, "A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved." That is why Aidas consultants work closely with every client to understand the problem that the client is trying to solve and the outcome that the client wants from its IT systems.


By understanding clients better, Aidas is able to deliver robust and user-friendly solutions that help you to focus on growing your business. The core solutions offered by Aidas includes:



Infrastructure & Data


Undecided between On-Premise and Cloud? Why not combine both!


Aidas offers a Hybrid Cloud Service that allows you to enjoy the agility and economic benefits of a public cloud with the on premise control of a private cloud. All you need to do is define what you want to keep on premise or move to Cloud. Then, simply toggle between your private and public clouds as and when your business requires it.



Audio & Visual


At Aidas, we offer in depth knowledge, expertise & competitive pricing while delivering high quality products & professional services. Our Aim is to build a World-Class Company in the Supply, Distribution, Installation & Maintenance for our innovative solutions and customer focus.



Cloud & Security


At Aidas, we understand the need for customised office security. Whether your data is hosted on premise, inside a hybrid or cloud environment, or across third party networks, our Corporate Solutions team has the right solution to address external and internal threats, stop unwanted network access and block rapidly evolving online threats, so you can carry out your work and access your data anytime, anywhere without security concerns



Digital &
Core Banking


Digital Banking Platform completely transforms existing legancy solutions of financial organizations into a broad, complete suite of omnichannel services. Financial institution will be able to offer digital finanace and payment services along with online leading and deposits via mobile applications bypassing the need for brach visits.