Digital & Core Banking

Digital & Core Banking

Digital Banking Platform

Digital Banking Platform completely transforms existing legancy solutions of financial organizations into a broad, complete suite omnichannel services. Financial institution will be able to offer digital finance and payment services along with online leading and deposits via mobile applications bypassing the need for branch visits. The platform introduces

aService providers (merchants, billers, prepaid services)

aMobile network operators

aE-commerce platforms

aGovernmment services

aInsurance companies

aSecurities companies

aOther platforms


Core Banking Solution

ADS Core Banking Standard Configuration

ADS is web based state of the art modern Core Banking Solution designed for bank and micro financial institutions. ADS will offer core engine that is flexible, efficient and can scale up alongside your business growth. Core operations including loan, deposit interest calculations, end of days process are all run automatically and in real-time. The system can be integrated with interbank transaction processing centers, payment card systems, internet and mobile banking channels. Deployment is avalaible both on-premise and on cloud.

ADS Core Banking Additional Systems

ADS offers additional lending, treasury, trade finance, operational risk and ERP business related modules on top of our core modules to support scaling needs of our customers. Additional modules are updated continuously to meet the modern technological advancesand international accounting standards.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) consists of bsniess analytics, data mining, data visualization and data structuring ETL tool to help organizations make data driven decision in a timely manner. Our BI solution offers overs 20 built-in interactive dashboards to provide you with a comprehensive all around view of yours business data. We also offer custom BI report development services tailored to customer needs. Based on our solution customers will be able to analyze current situation and produce accurate insights about their business operation.

BI soultion comes integrated with both Digital Banking Platform and ADS Core Banking Systems

Financial Highlights Dashboard
Regional Merchant Management Dashboard

aData Modelling

aData Warehouse

aData Extraction

aInteractive Dashboards

aCustom reporting

aBusiness performance overview